4 WordPress Plugins You Need to Install Now


I frequently get questions about plugins. When to use them, when not to use them, how to know if they’re good quality, how to know if they’ll break your site, what to do when a plugin has crashed your site, and always questions like “which plugin should I use to…?”. So, I decided to make a little list outlining:

4 Plugins Everyone Should Install Today – Right Now. Go Do It!



All websites should care about their SEO rank. Yoast, makes caring about your SEO rank easy, because it clearly outlines what you can do to improve your sites rankings. Yoast is a lightweight plugin that truly has a ‘revolutionary’ quality to it. Once you install it your site will never be the same and your optimizations will never be more straight-forward. This is an absolute must-install.


Download Yoast



This plugin not only helps those who are aware of their sites search engine rank, but also those web masters who understand that the users-experience of their site directly impacts their search engine rank. Smush-it – compresses images without distorting them. Compressing images will improve your sites load time which in turn will improve your users experience on your site as there’s no lag while they’re clicking around from tab to tab. So go ahead and use the stunning high resolution images in your design! Smush-it can compress them afterwards so there’s no impact on your sites load time.


Download Smush-it


Google Analytics

Continuing with the theme, all web masters should be interested in the performance of their website. They should want to know who’s visiting their site, where those visitors are coming from, how long they’re staying etc. If that information is at all interesting to you then I highly recommend downloading the Google Analytics plugin for WordPress so you can review your statistics from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. As a plus – this plugin makes integrating Google Analytics with your website a synch.


Download Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress


Caldera Forms

I don’t know how to express the gratitude I feel for the existence of this plugin. I found it one night when I was bleary-eyed and trying to find the easiest way to design a very intricate contact form for a client’s WordPress site – and I have never looked back. Unlike many plugins on WordPress, Caldera Forms appears to have been designed by a group that actually cares about the performance and quality of their plugin. They’re constantly responding to feedback from users of the plugin and release patches and updates as soon as any bugs or missing features are detected. This WordPress plugin allows you to build any contact or application form you want in an easy-to-use interface. You’ll be amazed at the detailed level of customization the plugin allows for.


Download Caldera Forms


There you have it! My top four best WordPress plugins. Since I wanted these plugins to be useful to absolutely every website, no matter what content it has on it, I have kept these very broad and universally applicable. But, I want to know what your favorite plugins to use on WordPress are and what they do. Leave me a comment so I can check them out!

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