Montana Psychiatry | Marketing Case Study

“Montana Psychiatry strives to provide comprehensive, compassionate, innovative, and exemplary psychiatric evaluations and ongoing treatment to people of all ages and backgrounds”. I have the privilege of managing Montana Psychiatry’s Digital Marketing. To date this has included paid search marketing, search engine optimization and managing three website redesign projects.

Paid Search Marketing

Traditionally, psychiatry and medical services in general are trickier to advertise due to strict regulations on the keywords that are added, the way the ads are designed and the way audiences are targeted. After researching how potential customers engage with psychiatry online I was able discern an account structure that would best serve Montana Psychiatry and meet advertiser’s best practices. The current account structure successfully attracts a healthy volume of leads for the breadth of her services.

Three Website Redesigns

Montana Psychiatry had previously developed three separate web properties for three separate areas of her practice. However, each website reflected a different aesthetic and collectively they did not reflect the professionalism and prestige of Montana Psychiatry. I had the pleasure of leading the redesign process so all three web properties reflect the same branding and portray a cohesive tone of voice that conveys the values and approach of Montana Psychiatry.


Montana Psychiatry needed to present an online aesthetic that was clean, modern, calming and professional. The practice sets itself apart as a technologically-advanced, science-based psychiatric practice offering comprehensive services to Montana and neighboring states. It’s a prestigious practice full of incredibly knowledgeable and caring people and all of this needed to be captured through the visual stimuli of the site. Furthermore, Dr. Erin Amato wanted a site that they could manage internally long term and a theme that offered a scalable, timeless design.


Search Engine Optimization

Montana Psychiatry often attracts users from out-of-state so it was important that all three domains ranked well in these locations for their target services. All three sites are now responsive, mobile friendly and were designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind so the sites have strong organic rankings that will continue to improve as new content is added and the sites mature so they can reach the largest audience possible organically. All three web properties now rank at the top of the first page results on Google for their respective top 10 target keywords.

All three websites can be viewed at the links below:

The Take-Aways:

Achieving paid and organic rank for websites in the medical services industry is a unique challenge. Due to the fragility of many of the target audiences and the strict regulations of the industry online there are many unforeseeable barriers to circumnavigate in order to achieve successful rankings. I’m excited to use my deep understanding of this industry to grow Montana Psychiatry’s accounts and the other medical services clients I manage.

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